Activities & Taking the time to Learn

Activities activities activities…Omeida offers so much to do! We are very lucky to be given so many opportunities to do things. One such activity are Chinese cultural classes held each Wednesday afternoon & as a volunteer I’ve been asked to join in on these activities.

There seems to be a bit of a trend that many of the westerners who stay more than a few weeks do not join in on the activities offered. This is a great shame that they do not want to join in to learn & be social in this way. These activities can be a great way to learn and get involved where you are. Whether it be here or anywhere else for that matter, I greatly suggest either getting involved or if there are none to get involved with where you are then start planning some. What good is it to go somewhere and not get involved with the people where you are or not to learn the various activities offered. Even if it’s not your favorite activity why not give it a go, you may find you enjoy it more than you thought.


As far as the cultural classes are concerned so far we’ve had two such classes. The first was about Chinese weddings and the cultural differences with western weddings versus Chinese weddings and the ways in which it has changed over the years. It was quite interesting to learn the differences & since Rob & I were the only couple in the group they had us role play for them.

The second cultural class was in preparation for the Chinese New year. This one was a calligraphy class. Although I have participated in this activity before at other locations, it was quite nice to be a part of this and experience the teaching here. The teacher was a wonderful teacher, teaching first in Chinese then translating the instruction into English for us to understand.


In addition to the cultural classes, the first week we were here we were blessed to be asked to go to their English camp to judge an English competition for elementary aged students. When we arrived we got to spend some time playing ping pong & basketball with the kids and getting to know them a bit. After the competition we were asked if we would return a few days later to share in making dumplings. It was such an awesome experience to get to spend those couple of days with the kids and sharing cultures with them and the adults working at the camp. Some of the kids had very good English & each were able to teach us something. Hopefully when we go home I will remember what they taught me & be able to make dumplings there.

This first week of settling into our daily routines has been a very busy one with lots of fun, I look forward to the weeks & activities ahead! In addition to this blog I’m continually updating my website at with pictures. Come have a look and enjoy the trip with us!


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