Life Happens

We’re back after a long whirlwind hiatus. After my last post to you, I began several blogs of which none seemed entirely fitting at the time and thus they became personal drafts that were never published. Over the next several posts I will try to catch you all up on what’s happened as well as walk you through a few major events that have happened in that time; pregnancy, baby’s first year, & Ironman 70.3 training post-baby. First thing’s first though, we had an amazing time in Australia, Italy, Germany, England, France, & the Netherlands!

We started at a friend’s wedding in Australia at which time Rob & I both went but he was still finishing his semester at university so had to fly home to finish up exams for the semester leaving me in Australia to catch up with old mates for the next month. I stayed an extra week with the friend who had just married & got the most wonderful news while there.

You see the day after Rob went home my friend’s brother handed me salmon sashimi & on a normal occasion it would have been a fantastic snack; not so much on this one as it sent me sprinting to the toilet to spit it out. Once he was assured I was not allergic to anything his sister joked that I was pregnant. I didn’t say anything then but in the back of my mind, I knew. So the next day when I normally would be running I went to find out for sure. By mid-morning, I had my answer…I was 2-3weeks pregnant. img_5540-2.jpgDon’t worry we had been trying so this was good news, although I’d wished I could have found out when Rob was still in Australia with me. I’m no good at keeping secrets so even though I had all these ideas to surprise him in 2-weeks time with a package on his birthday I could not wait & told him over Facetime that night. We decided to wait until Christmas to announce the news to family so that meant trying to keep it enough of a secret as I visited friends on the Gold Coast & Sydney so that it did not end up on social media & ruin the surprise for the family. I managed to only tell a few people who there was no hiding it from as there were certain foods I was not allowed & they wondered why.

The next month flew by & I was lucky enough not to experience morning sickness & continued running in the early mornings. When my visit came to a close “I said see you later,” to my Aussie family & headed off to meet Robert in Rome. About 50 hours later we both landed in Rome within half an hour of each other just in time to start an exciting adventure we will both remember for a lifetime!

Up next, I’ll tell you all about the next 6 weeks we spent in Europe & how our travels meshed with being in my first trimester.

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