At around 8weeks pregnant I found myself making the very long flight from Sydney to Rome via Shanghai & Zurich. Upon arrival in Rome I was able to find Robert about 30 minutes later. From there we went straight to our Airbnb as it was getting late. After a while of wandering the streets of Rome much later than we should have been with our luggage we finally came to our destination & checked in. Although both exhausted from the long journey there we had to venture out for some over due dinner & then finally get some sleep. We had exactly 1 week in Italy(not near long enough for such an amazing country!)so we had to make the most of it.

We spent a few days exploring Rome & went to Sunday Mass at the Vatican which just so happened to also be the Pope’s birthday so as a congregation everyone sang happy birthday to him. Let me just say pregnancy is not the time for your first trip to Europe! All the wonderful food, coffee, beer, & wine they have yet not allowed to have try them is not fun. I did manage a few coffees but that first trimester coffee did not agree with me so much so I only got to drink about half a cup a day. But we did get to bring some of the coffee home as well as a bottle of Turkish delight liquor from our time in Australia the weeks prior for after babe was born.

We rented a moped to get around & see a bit more which was interesting on the cobbled streets. We decided that we would also like to see Pompei and scouted out the route there. That’s right, we drove a vespa 8+ hours from Rome to Pompei in December. I was exhausted & sore from the ride so we stayed an extra day before returning to Rome. Robert even contemplated putting me on a train back instead of riding with him, but alas we went back on the moped together. We loved Rome & seeing the ruins of Pompei was indescribable but the most memorable portion of our time in Italy was that loooong bitter cold moped ride & a special waitress we met at a nice little restaurant in Rome. Be aware of how cold it gets in December before trying what we did. We were ill prepared for the cold & I’m pretty sure we just about ended up with frostbite as I cried in pain from the cold, part of the way back & he ended up using survival techniques to return feeling back to my toes in the middle of no where on that long road back. Before leaving for Germany we did as we always do & ventured around Rome at 3am to get some beautiful night shots of the Eternal City.

That week was a glorious whirlwind & I so look forward to a longer future trip there!

Don’t forget all this is happening with me being 9 weeks pregnant…I was quite nervous to say the least but so glad we did this…Oh the stories we have to tell her when she’s older!

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