Traveling during your first Trimester

Since life got ahead of us & I’m just now getting these posted I’ve scrapped my typical travel blogs for most of our time in Europe. You would have already read of our time in Italy & Australia so let’s get to what life really blessed us with at the same time that we were gallivanting around the globe.


In case you missed it in one of the last few blogs: we had a wonderful time in western Australia(WA) & he day after our friend’s wedding, Robert had to fly home to finish his university semester but since I had the extra time I stayed for another week in WA then went to the Gold Coast & Sydney before meeting Robert in Rome in December. I had plans of diving in Queensland to get my advanced diver cert and hoped to ski in Europe over New Years. Well here’s how things actually transpired & how we adapted & are continuing to adapt through untraveled territory.


The day after Robert left for home my friend’s brother handed me a piece of salmon sashimi(mind you we eat sashimi quite frequently so this was not an unusual or new thing for me), but what was unusual was that as it barely got to my throat it sent me sprinting for a place to spit it out. After a few other things that had been happening over the previous week (minor motion sickness on the plane when I typically do not get motion sick, extreme breast pain a day earlier, extreme bloating like I’ve never experienced before, & being a measly 3 days late), all things I had chopped up to hormones, it was time for a pregnancy test. By the next morning we had confirmation that a baby’s on the way! So although I wish I would have found out before he left I am also thankful that I was able to have such a good friend there with me to share this special news.


Now stop and think about what I’ve just told you. I have another 2 months of travel ahead of me consisting of 8 countries & 10 flights. All in the first trimester of pregnancy when many women talk about horrid morning sickness. Obviously the diving & skiing were out until next trip.

So for my future mommas out there…everything everyone (including myself) tells you about what they experienced may be completely unrealistic for you. For example, there’s all sorts of stories of women not finding out until months into the pregnancy that they’re even pregnant. Ha, the first symptoms that I had chopped up to hormones started 1-2 weeks after conception & the test was taken a week after that. I also had a bit of a premonition that I was pregnant, so yea maybe I should have tested straight away but again I thought “no couldn’t be yet.”


That being said having these mild symptoms is by no means bad. It alerted me early enough so I did not do anything that could have been potentially harmful considering I tend to do more active and potentially risky activities as well as tend to eat all the things I’m not supposed to have while pregnant daily when not pregnant. After those few symptoms I had quite an easy first trimester. I continued to run about 5K a few times a week. I was mindful of my body temperature so running was slower than I’d like & adapted to be cooler by changing up my running times as needed.

This also made the month in Australia a bit interesting, that’s for sure! Thankfully I only had mild nausea, no severe morning sickness & so I’m sure it was easier for me to lead a somewhat normal life than women who are getting sick multiple times a day, but I was a bit nervous since in the following weeks I was to fly from Perth to Gold Coast, Gold Coast to Sydney, Sydney to Shanghai, Shanghai to Zurich, Zurich to Rome, Rome to Frankfurt, England to Amsterdam, Germany to Taiwan, & finally Taiwan to Hawaii. What did I do? GINGER, GINGER, GINGER, & MORE GINGER & some mint or vapor rub for when the nausea was caused by smells. Each woman is different but for me juices with ginger worked the best. Probably because they were more refreshing.

The hardest part was that by this trip being a long visit to all my lovely friends in Australia & we had not announced yet, trying to maneuver all the food restrictions on undercooked eggs & soft cheeses. There were times I’d go to a café with a friend and the only thing I could have was mint tea, because all the savory foods had cheeses not allowed during pregnancy and because I’m not used to sweet things, I had difficulty with any of the sweet items in the case. On quite a few other occasions I ended up resorting to a burger just because it was easy & because for me the salt on hot chips/French fries helped to settle any stomach issues I had, I ate more of them than usual. I try to always keep things as natural in my eating as I can though even during my first trimester I did well in not having any real cravings like many women do. I know cravings can be hormonal but I can’t help but wonder if the fact that we eat such a fresh natural diet with lots of activity helped in preventing overly unhealthy cravings. I don’t even know what most processed foods taste like so how would I crave something I don’t know what it is.


The one thing that has kicked my butt was smells. EVERYTHING SMELLED! I was at dinner and I was the only person there when I first went in and a gentleman was seated a table or two away & I almost had to ask for another table as I thought I was going to choke on his cologne. There were places & times when I was incredibly hungry but in the location I was at I could not eat because there was something that caught my sniffer and just wouldn’t allow it; threatening me with sickness if I dared try. At the airport in Rome I did have to get up & walk away from someone who sat next to me as I felt like I was sniffing an ashtray when they got within 20 ft of me.

Oh and one more thing that was painful if anyone has solutions I’d love to hear them!!! Is hip pain at night. Sleeping was not difficult because of bathroom runs for me, but laying down was causing severe pain all around both hips. I tried to sleep with a pillow or blanket between my knees & thighs which helped some but only if massive in size or if I sleep half on my side & half on my front with my top knee up as high as possible in front of me.

Gatorade absolutely saved me during this time! I tend to need more electrolytes than many anyways but the straight electrolyte mix we usually use of Nuun just didn’t work and the mixture that Gatorade, worked wonders! There were quite a few times when I just felt bad with similar symptoms as I would get from low electrolytes and this was an instant pick me up and made me feel 100% better.

I was asked over and over again, “aren’t you tired?” And to be honest when we were traveling I didn’t have time to be tired so during the first trimester I wasn’t all that tired. I managed life & travel as usual with just a few modifications for safety sake.

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