Ironic timing

Only 2 days after my last post we found out that we were expecting baby #2 so that means a change of plans for blog posts as well. Instead of having you walk through my journey with our first I am going to combine 1 & 2 with a few compare contrast posts to get us all up to date & current. To include my journey from pregnancy to Ironman Hawaii 70.3 in 2018 & the coming journey from pregnancy to my next race that is still TBD.

Kaneohe Abigail

With our first(Abigail) other than a growing belly & strong smells everywhere I hardly would have known I was pregnant. I had no morning sickness & activity resumed as usual except for the bike which was only put on hold for safety. Granted I did slow down a bit but that’s to be expected with any weight gain & had to take about a month off running due to some lower pains. This time around has not been bad when compared to many other stories but it has been different than she was. I was far more tired this time around but I think that has a lot to do with being up with Abigail if she wakes & carrying her around all the time. Also due to the exhaustion I did experience slight morning sickness that was not present for her.


As with the way life goes instead of being on an Australian & European adventure the first trimester this time we were prepping to move & did move to Orlando at the end of the first trimester. With Abigail I was told over & over about doctors refusing patients after 12weeks & was fearful of the same this time but as I found out things are a bit different in Orlando & I had no issues finding a provider even when at 28 weeks I had to make a decision to switch providers due to nonnegotiable circumstances at the first hospital(we can get into that later).


As life on Oahu had it I was able at 35weeks with Abigail to do the one mile north shore swim series race & the day before she was born a 1.5 mile open water swim in Waianae, unfortunately here there are no open water races but I did keep up swimming with the masters team at the YMCA & kept my running mileage to around 3 miles  run/walk which I was not able to do with Abigail.

Hope you will join us in our upcoming adventures as I discuss my struggle with life in Florida, feeling absolutely weak attempting to do everything for our toddler while pregnant & now with a newborn & attempting to also maintain any athletic semblance of myself while also figuring out who I am as a mother in a new unfamiliar city & culture.

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